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Danica Lundy (b. 1991) is a New York City-based Canadian artist raised on a small island in the Pacific Northwest. She was born two days after the fall equinox and named after a giant yellow sign with green writing, erected for a nursery on the highway home to Salt Spring. In Slavic mythology, "Danica" is the guardian goddess, a fierce warrior who holds the chain of the doomsday wolf to keep it from devouring the universe. She is the big sister of the evening star.

Danica holds a BFA from Mount Allison University, and a MFA from the New York Academy of Art. While at NYAA, she concentrated in painting and was awarded the Eileen Guggenheim and Russell Wilkinson Scholarship, the Leipzig International Art Programme Residency, and the Chubb Post-Graduate Fellowship. A two-time Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant recipient, Danica has had solo shows in Canada, Italy, and USA, and has exhibited in group shows and art fairs in Leipizig, Milan, Mexico City, Vancouver, New York City, Brooklyn, and Laguna Beach. She lives and makes work in Brooklyn. 

"I’m interested what can be built in the space between people. I want to dig into that space and conjure pictorially what can be felt there.  My paintings and drawings are mind-made scenes; dark and tender moments probing at power structures, navigating the spectrum of seduction and violence. They are peppered with visual riddles and clues that allude to a larger, collective narrative and reveal a personal iconography. I think a lot about seeing and being seen. My content is extracted from my own umwelt, a lived-in awareness of the tough and delicate knot that is the occupation of human space, of womanhood and adolescence; the eye at a peephole of an outsider looking in."