Danica Lundy was born two days after the fall equinox in 1991. She was named after a giant yellow sign with green writing (erected for a nursery on the highway home to Salt Spring Island), which was replaced years later with something more discreet. In Slavic mythology, Danica is the guardian goddess, a fierce warrior who holds the chain of the doomsday wolf to keep it from devouring the universe. She is the big sister of the evening star. Danica is also the name of a sexy/speedy race car driver, and a fairly trendy line of functional house-wear, including dishcloths—several of which live in a drawer in her mother’s kitchen. Danica is decisively Native in the cheekbones—a paternal heirloom— and Frida Kahlo in the lips. She aspired to be a doctor but after spending time at the hospital realized she’d rather have paint on her hands than blood or sanitizer, though she maintains a vibrant curiosity for the body supported by her athletic efforts and artistic subjects. She is currently causing trouble in TriBeCa as a recent graduate and new Fellow at the New York Academy of Art.